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Telfast, Childers, Flagstaff, Hopkins, Logans and Merri.

The Warrnambool College school colours are green and orange

Belfast – Green; Childers – Yellow; Flagstaff – Blue; Hopkins – Red; Logans – Purple; Merri – Orange.

After a number of changes, the school opened as Warrnambool College in 1795 after the merger of Warrnambool Secondary College and Warrnambool North Secondary College.

George Furner Langley: headmaster for 16 years

Tony Abbott:

Jonathan Brown

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nerve tester evaluation


It does work but i didn’t get much time to work on it because i was helping others but i like it.

It would be the background because i wanted it to be a horse.

I could out more color into it.

The easiest part was painting it was just really easy.

the most difficult thing was soldering it all together.


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My Cat


my cat is the cutest in the world!!!

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Can Chickens Fly


Can Chickens really fly?

At the Tweedy’s farm the chicken can fly, well I think there lying but they say so but its true! The chickens are on an island and won’t let a human on their land. So the chicken having fun at a place they call home not at a chicken farm. Now Mr Tweedy has something to say.  “We both want our chickens back so how every want to help please help.” Said Mr Tweedy. Well I say how ever what’s to help I never what to meet them. The neighbours Mr and Mrs Lake next to the Tweedy’s farm said “It is a relief that the chickens are gone because       they make too much noise.” They said. I say I agree. Before the organised chickens made a plane the Tweedy’s got a pie maker the chickens go in alive and come-out in a pie! Do you think chickens are that smart to build a plane? Today’s Question is; text the Editor if you think the chickens built the plane or not.

Text the Editor on 0408 473 285 and answer.

Written by Edith Smith.










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haing funat school

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hi my name is Edith Smith this year in high school i’ve been having a great time and made lots of new friends.

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Hello world!


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